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Monday, 15 October 2018

Key witnesses Who will testify against Jacque maribe and her fiance jowie

The public prosecution has asked the court not to grant bail to Jacque maribe and her fiance jowie in a murder case they are being accused of.
The office of the public prosecution has said that they two are likely to interfere with the witnesses in the ongoing court proceedings in the murder of Monica kimani
In an affidavit the office of public prosecution said that there is likelihood of witness interference by the suspects
"There is a likelihood of the accused persons interfering and intimidating the key prosecution witnesses if released on bail and therefore justifiable to subject the accused to pretrial detention ."Read part of the affidavit.
The witness include
1.Brian Kassaine
2. Maribe house help who was present during the all ordeal
3.Maribe manager who was with her night of murder.
4.Two neighbors who saw jowie irungu with Monica Kimani night of Murder
5. 4 friends including a politician jowie called in distress that night
6.Watchmen in both Maribe and Monica apartment.

Maribe and jowie have been remanded until Wednesday when the court will hear their bail application.

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