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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Jowie Irungu accomplice finally identified, He is on the run

Police had always known that Jowie Irungu did not Kill Monica kimani alone
According to CCTV footage from crime scene, jowie irungu was together with an unidentified Male in the car as he left Monica kimani apartment after the Murder.
Police now have identified the unknown man an are looking for him.
His name is Jennings olando and he is jowie irungu best friend.They worked together as security agents both in Dubai and Afghanistan before returning to Kenya.
According to popular blog kahawa tungu,Jowie and Jennings were drinking together the night of the murder,they were drinking together in a popular grill Along Dennis pritt Road called Road house grill.
Jowie and Jennings told friends that night that they have a job elsewhere and excused themselves around 9 p.m only to return at around 2 a.m.
It is believed that jowie and Jennings stole money from Monica and shared it before jowie was arrested.
Police traces Jennings movement after the murder and it is believed he exchanged $4000 in eastleigh before travelling to Mombasa.
Police believe that Jennings might have already left the country.
Police want jowie held in remand until Jennings is arrested.

Jowie and Jennings/courtesy

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