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Friday, 12 October 2018

Jacque maribe behavior at langata Women's prison shocks Everyone

Jacqueline maribe will now spend the third week in police remand.
Jacque was used to fast life and drinking and partying every day.
The life in prison is taking a toll on her and now friends are worried about her condition in prison.
A source who spoke to us said that the popular tv girl is in low spirits and does not want to see friends.
"She is in low spirits and does not want to see anyone,she seems disturbed alot" the source explained.
It is also  said that Jacque was not ready to see any of her media friends who went to see her in langata prison.
"We tried all our best but she could not let anyone in,We waited but in vain" the media personality confirmed.

It is understood that Jacque has learned a hard lesson about true friends.
They avoided her when she was first arrested and her media friends didn't show up in court to support her.
She might be heartbroken and in low spirits because of latest developments.

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