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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Jacque maribe activities at night of Monica murder revealed:She was drinking with Mike sonko Entourage

Activities of Jacque maribe during the unfateful night of Monica kimani murder has surfaced.
She is surely innocent of the murder going by the activities during the night of murder.
Her only crime might have been  collaborating with Jowie after the murder of Monica kimani.
Here is Jacque maribe timeline during the night of the murder.

9 pm: Jacque maribe is at work at Citizen tv

Around 9:15:Mike sonko Is the main guest during that night bulletin as he highlights pumwani hospital incident, he is ushered to vip holding area, Jacque maribe welcomes him and they even take the photo below.

9:45: Sonko goes live with Jeff koinange. Maribe goes to Q lounge with some of the Governor’s entourage, which is next to Citizen TV studios.

Between 11:45-12a.m Jeff koinange live ends and Jacque maribe is still at Q lounge.
She is with two friends and a politician.
Her phone was off and jowie was frantically trying to reach her.
He finally managed to reach her through a number of one of the producers who was with maribe that nigh. maribe tells jowie to meet her 40forty lounge in Westlands.

Past midnight: Maribe and her friends leave for 40forty lounge as they go wait for Jowie.
Jowie does not take long to join them. They take a selfie with a friend (media personality) and he posts it on his Instagram.
It is believed jowie irungu was from Monica kimani house when he joined them at 40forty lounge.

Photo:Maribe welcoming Sonko to citizen studios during night of Monica kimani Murder/courtesy

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