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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fresh details about Sudanese warlord said to be married to monica kimani emerges

A powerful sponsor or blesser is thought to be behind Monica kimani rise from poverty to riches.
South Sudanese politician and former warlord Daniel Awet Akot is said to be behind Monica ultimate and over night success.
Monica kimani was murdered few weeks ago and popular news anchor Jacque maribe and her fiance her behind bars.
According to daily nation,Monica Kimani’s father Paul Ngarama has dismissed claims that his daughter was married to South Sudanese politician and former warlord Daniel Awet Akot, but admits that the politician is “very close” to the family.

But friends and relatives have dismissed the claims and confirmed that indeed Monica kimani was married to Awet Akot.
Monica kimani rose to be very rich in a matter of three years through connections from Akot.

Monica kimani used to work in Awet Akot office and it is from this connection that they became closer.It is said that when he was nominated as deputy speaker, Awet moved with his family to juba and also moved with Monica who was working for him.

They were very close with Monica kimani such that Monica kimani who came to Nairobi twice a month used to go and check Akot Awet properties around Nairobi as well

The family is saying that there was no relationship between Akot and Monica.According to Monica father Akot was only a close family friend
But according to those who knew Monica kimani , the said she was well Known as Akot Awet mistress.

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