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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Father of Jacque maribe baby revealed

Jacque maribe is currently cooling her heals in gigiri police cells after she was linked to brutal murder of Monica kimani.
Monica kimani was found murdered and her body dumped in a bath tub.
Jacque maribe fiancee jowie is the main suspect.
Maribe love life came into public limelight after the murder and Kenyans are wondering who the father of the baby is.
Weekly newspaper the nairobian can now confirm that indeed Erick omondi is the father.
The newspaper reached for Erick omondi who did not deny or accept responsibility but instead said we give Jacque a break,since she is going through a lot.
Friends of both Jacque and Erick omondi confirmed that indeed Erick is the father and he has been providing child support for the child.
Jacque and Erick omondi dated back in 2013 and Jacque maribe gave birth to her child in 2014.
The timing means Erick omondi has the highest probability of being the father.
Jacque is said to have been very heartbroken when Erick omondi left her.

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