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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Details of the day sharon was to record a s#x tape with obado emerge

Sharon love story takes a new twist.Sharon was pregnant with governor okoth obado but was brutally murdered mid last month and her body dumped at Kodero Forest.
It has now now emerged that Sharon was planning to record a s#x tape  with governor obado during the devolution conference.
According to Helen obado, Sharon was booked at imperial hotel. she set up everything including cameras and tried to lure governor obado into the hotel.
But governor obado was booked in another hotel.
A close relative of the governor heard about the plan and quickly called Hellen obado, the governors wife.
She quickly called the governor who in turn confirmed that he was not in imperial hotel but accacia hotel.

Sharon otieno could have used the tape to blackmail the governor to give her millions of shillings.
it is believed sharon did not hatch the plan alone and might have been acting on instructions of other people who wanted to blackmail the governor

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