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Monday, 15 October 2018

Details about mysterious Man Who is visiting Maribe everyday in langata womens prison

Jacque maribe has been locked up for almost three weeks now.
Friends and workmates from Royal media service have avoided her ever since she was arrested.
Today the court room was packed as Jacque maribe best friends finally showed up to support her.shix kapyenga, terryanne jebet, kirigo ngarwa all showed up today.
But nobody beats Jacque maribe boss, he has been visiting her every day in ever since the day she was locked up.Francis Gachuri a senior political reporter was recently promoted to be a political editor was Jacque maribe boss before her untimely arrest.
Gachuri unlike other maribe friends did not abandon her and has been visiting her every day to offer moral support.

According to our close source, Francis has been visiting Maribe at the police cells everyday and has attended all her court hearings.
He is the only Jacque maribe friend who has attended all her court cases and Also visited her everyday In police cells.
Her best friends only showed up in court for the first time today.

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