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Friday, 5 October 2018

Details about medical condition Obado is suffering from and its symptoms, He wants to be released immediately

Obado has applied to be released from prison with immediate effect owing to the life threatening medical condition he is suffering from.
In court papers, the governor revealed that he has had a condition termed as a nerve compression with disc lesion on the lumbar spine since 2013.
"To manage the condition, I have been under the special care of a medical doctor by the name of Prof. Ating’a ," the court papers read in part.

He maintained that his health condition had been deteriorating since he has been in prison.
nerve compression,which obado is suffering from has the following symptoms.

pain and numbness, most commonly on one side of the body.

pain that extends to your arms or legs.

pain that worsens at night or with certain movements.

pain that worsens after standing or sitting.

pain when walking short distances.

unexplained muscle weakness

Pain and stiffness in the neck, back, or lower back.B

Burningpain that spreads to the arms, buttocks, or down into the legs (sciatica)

Numbness, cramping, or weakness in the arms, hands, or legs.

Lossof sensation in the feet.

Trouble with hand coordination.

This is according to information in health line.

This means that obado ability to move long distances is restricted.

He sometimes might not be able to move or walk due to this this syndrome.

This disease also affects once ability to use his hands.

Obado might be granted Bail because of this condition

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