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Monday, 1 October 2018

Damning evidence which made Jacque maribe detained for 11 days

Jacque maribe will spend the next 10 days in police custody as police try to piece clues together to link Jacque and her boyfriend to the brutal murder of Monica kimani.
Here is what police believe Jacque maribe is part of the murder

She provides a car used to kill someone, unconfirmed reports indicate that her  phone was located in the murder scene, the victim is raped, her throat slit and left in a bathtub with running water. The money stolen from Monica kimani was hidden  in maribe house, Also the victims clothes are found in maribe house.
Maribe and fiance ask neighbour to give them his gun and use it to shoot her boyfriend to create an alibi, it is believed  that she ordered her house help to clean up the house as
maribe burned the blood stained clothes and then maribe rushed to the studio to break the news without batting an eyelid like nothing happened.
That's how investigators see the story as per now.
Monica kimani handbag and documents  were also found at maribe house.

With all that evidence maribe is likely to be charged with murder or accessory to murder.
Jowie might also have been carrying her phones that night as both her phone and jowie phone were located at murder scene .

We will learn more as details follow.

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