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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Brayo Kigonyi,Most Wanted Nairobi Gangster Arrested few Days after Getting saved,To be charged with murder

Nairobi most wanted thug has finally been arrested.
Kigonyi became the public enemy number one after crime spree spanning more than two years.
He was a member of the dreaded gaza gang under the leadership of mwane Sparta.
Mwane Sparta has since been gunned down with most members of the gang being gunned down.
Kigonyi is the last man standing in the gang. just few days ago hessy , an online police officer warned kigonyi that it was futile to get saved on not surrender his gun to the police.

According to the star,The hardened youthful gangster known as Brayo was arrested on Wednesday night by the renowned crime buster Ahmed Rashid.
Brayo is barely on his twenties.
He is being held in connection to the murder of police officer by the name Martin Korir, Korir was a police corporal murdered early this year. He has also been linked to shooting of deputy CJ bodyguard according to the star.
Brayo will he be charged with robbery with violence and murder If convicted.
According to the star brayo is currently locked up in pangani police station.

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  1. live by sword and you will die by the sword thats nature