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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Amount of money Obado will pay his new lawyer Fred Ngatia after firing his lead lawyer Cliff ombeta

Cliff ombeta has been the lead lawyer for okoth obado since the first time he was arrested over the brutal murder of sharon otieno.
Ombeta  has unsuccessfully tried to have the governor released on bail.
It is now 1 month since obado was arrested and he is still behind bars.
Obado has now sought the services of lead counsel Fred ngatia.
It is remembered that ngatia represented Uhuru Kenyatta during the icc cases in the hague.
He is also remembered for representatiing jubilee during the 2013 election petition in supreme Court where he won the case.
He represented iebc and jubilee in 2017 where he lost.
He is known to handle big cases only and had charged over 300 million for the election petitions.
For obado, he will pay Fred ngatia a minimum of 10 million shillings to represent him.
Obado will be represented by Fred ngatia for bail hearing tomorrow.

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