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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

6 reasons Why Jacque maribe is innocent

Jacque maribe is now facing murder charges after she was accused for collaborating murder.
She might innocent and didn't know the depth of the murder charges she is facing
Here are 6 reasons why Jacque maribe might be innocent after all
1 she was drinking with her friends the night Monica was murdered-jacque maribe was drinking the whole night at popular joint in the city the night Monica kimani was murdered.

2.Jowie irungu came to the club and forced Jacque maribe to go home with him, it is believed that it was around 3:30 in the morning. Jowie had already killed Monica and Jacque had no idea why she was being dragged out of the club.

3.At reaching the house it is understood that jowie became mad why Jacque was disrespecting her and shot himself in the chest.

4.jacque together with neighbour took him to hospital not knowing that he had killed Monica kimani the previous few hours.jacque thought she was preventing her fiancee from being arrested because of the gunshot and not because of murder.

5. Jacque maribe tried to cover for his boyfriend because of the gun shot wound and illegal possession of firearm.She concealed all evidence including helping burn clothes.the clothes had blood after jowie shot himself.
Jacque had no idea that the boyfriend had committed a brutal Murder.

6.She broke the news of Monica kimani live on tv.
If Jacque maribe knew about the Murder or was involved she could have not gone to work and be the one to break the news.

Jacque maribe might be languishing in jail for something she did not do.
Her boyfriend might have lied to her to help him cover for possession of fire arm and the fact that he shot himself and not for the murder of Monica kimani.
Jowie has been known to be a manipulator judging by his character

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