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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

5 tough conditions given to maribe after being released

Jacque maribe was released on a 1 million cash bail or an alternative of 2 million bail.
Maribe was given tough conditions by the judge which she must abide by.
The conditions include.
1.she will not read news until the trial is over.
Maribe will not read news until all this ordeal is over.
Murder cases can take up to two years so don't expect to see maribe reading news soon

2 she will not make contact with any witnesses including her maid who has turned state witness.

3  the judge ruled that before returning to her house in Lang’ata, she must be accompanied by investigators and grant them full access to undertake an inventory of any evidence they might require in the murder case.

4 she was also not to interview any witnesses, relatives or anybody involved in the murder.

5.Maribe will continue working as a journalist but will not be deployed to cover cases involving the case.

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