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Friday, 19 October 2018

5 photos of Jennings Orlando odhiambo,A recce squad officer Arrested over Monica murder today

The Monica kimani murder Has taken a new twist.
It has now emerged that jowie did not act alone.
According to those who viewed Monica kimani dead body, detectives concluded that the murder was done by more than one person.
The recce squad officer arrested today in connection with Monica Kimani Murder is called Jennings Orlando odhiambo.
He was stationed at usa embassy, Jennings is highly trained , police are looking at how he is involved in the murder and if he is the main suspect.
Jennings Orlando odhiambo has been detained for 14 days as investigators conclude the case.
Jennings was drinking with Jowie the night of the murder and has been confirmed as the mysterious man seen in jowie irungu car the night of the much.

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