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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Why Sharon otieno changed her phone number frequently before her untimely death

The death of Rongo university student still baffles Kenyans.
She was found dumped in a ticket in a forest in migori county.
Her mother revealed today that she had warned her daughter to stop dating politicians.

According to the mother , Sharon otieno was dating migori county Governor, Okoth obado, and when she became pregnant the Governor requested her to abort the baby.
But with advice from family and friends Sharon decided to keep the baby because abortion might result in complications.

Threats by people believed to be proxies to Migori Governor Okoth Obado precipitated slain student Sharon Otieno's decision to frequently change phone contacts months to her death, her mother has claimed as quoted by the media.
She claimed that the threats force her daughter to change her number frequently.

"I asked her why she frequently changed mobile lines and she told me she was being threatened because she had refused to abort the pregnancy,” she said.

Her mother revealed that they advised her to keep the pregnancy and did not know that it will lead to her untimely death.

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