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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Why Kalonzo accompanied Uhuru Kenyatta to china, They stayed in the same Hotel

Uhuru Kenyatta accompanied Kalonzo musyoka today to a high level meeting in China.
Kalonzo musyoka was a surprise guest In Uhuru Kenyatta delegation.
What most kenyans are wondering is Uhuru Kenyatta preparing Kalonzo musyoka for a high level government job?
source close to the talks in china,said all his logistics and accommodation were reportedly handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in what confirmed that the Wiper Party leader was attending the summit with the fully blessings of State House.

Kalonzo was a long serving foreign cabinet secretary and this means he very well understands international relationship between countries.
Kalonzo musyoka might have been invited because of his high level of experience to help Uhuru Kenyatta seal meaningful deals in China.

Kalonzo musyoka going to china with Uhuru Kenyatta show that the wiper leader is slowly being embraced by the jubilee government and this means in the very likelihood of a government reshuffle kalonzo musyoka will join government.

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