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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Why Jacque Maribe Will Get life sentence if convicted City lawyer explains

Jacque maribe has been in limelight for the past week.
Maribe today was arrested for aiding her boyfriend and trying to hide a murder suspect.
She told lies to try and cover for her and also tried creating an alibi for her loving fiancee.
She did all this because of love.
City lawyer Donald kipkorir has issued the following statement on Jacque maribe issue.
"In Criminal Law, if you knowingly assist in any way a Person who murders as providing a car, you’ll be charged with Murder; If you didn’t have prior knowledge but got to know about it & you assist him create an alibi, you will be charged with Accessory to Murder Acter the Fact.
on conviction for murder, the sentence is only one, Death .On conviction for Accessory After the Fact to Murder, the sentence is Life Imprisonment."

She if Jacque maribe is convicted for accessory to murder the only light sentence she will get is life imprisonment.
Jacque maribe should start collaborating with authorities to avoid this scenario.

Jacque maribe in studio/courtesy

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