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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Why Governor obado might not be responsible for Sharon otieno death (6 reasons)

Here is what an investigative detective shared with us.

The Pathology results got me a headache.....MURDER MOST FOUL! Ilibidi I get a drink coz I followed this shit since the journalist threw himself for the vehicle.
But Jana I asked myself how careless can Obado be???? (I don't know Obado or his family)
*Why would Obado kill someone who had sent 100k like two weeks ago????
*Why would Obado kill a girl everyone knew he had a relationship with????
*Why would Obado wait till she was 7 months to kill her?
*Why would Obado commission his killers to rape his Clande
*Why did the killers make sure the unborn child is brutally killed???
*Does Obado's family have access to his PA Mike OYamo
*Then I asked myself why cops haven't picked Obado up???
The Murder looks TOO personal to Me.

Governor obado might not have been responsible in any obvious murder like that.If he wanted to kill Sharon he could have not waited until she was 7 months pregnant.

Police should look closely at all those people close to the Governor and also relatives and political opponents.

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