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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why Award winning Shiro auntie Boss has quit the popular TV show Auntie boss

Kenyans will not be seeing one of their favorite tv actress, shiro auntie Boss.
She quit today the show after being their main protagonist for the past three years.
Shiro Quit the popular tv show citing that she needs to look for greener pastures.
"I have been blessed and lucky so far, but that beautiful journey that started 3 or so years ago is soon coming to an end," she claimed in a social media post.

"I won't pretend to not be a little bit sad because Shiro is a character I had personally fallen in love with.  She was a dear to many Kenyans and the amazing time I've spent on set watching the amazing actors and actresses grow are moments I am going to treasure forever" she added.

Shiro maintained that she was not fired or she did not have any differences with management of the show.

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