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Saturday, 8 September 2018

What Sharon Otienos Autopsy Has Revealed(chilling details)

What Sharon autopsy revealed is shocking.Sharon otieno was abducted together with investigative Nation media journalist Barrack Odour last week, Barrack Odour managed to escape.
Here are details of Sharon otieno autopsy which reveal chilling details about her death.
The autopsy carried out on Friday revealed that Sharon was strangled, stabbed eight times and possibly raped by her assailants. Rape is highly possible since used condoms were found at the scene of the crime.

She had been stabbed four times at the back, three times on the neck and once on the left side of her abdomen.
Her unborn 7 month baby was also stabbed.
It is reported that Sharon died from excess bleeding after the attackers stabbed her and left her for death in a forest .
Sharon otieno now remains an open homicide case as detectives intensify search for the culprits.

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