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Thursday, 6 September 2018

What Governor Okoth Obado Discovered Between Sharon Otieno and His Son nation journalist reveals

The relationship between Governor Okoth obado took a drastic twist after a new discovery by the governor.
According to nation journalist Barrack Odour , the governor discovered that Sharon was constantly chatting with his son.
He accused her of having and affair with his own son.
Barrack Odour said that Sharon otieno showed him WhatsApp conversation between her and the Governor accusing her of having an affair with his own son.
Barrack Odour the only survivor to see Sharon together after they were abducted together.
he said that Sharon also had recorded conversation between herself and the Governor .The conversation include the Governor telling her to abort the baby.
The journalist stated: "Sharon was constantly hesitant about the story being published in the media. From my understanding, she was not decided fully and so I took my time to conduct more investigations."
He Added:
"She, however, kept sending some pictures to the governor, which annoys him. I Still don't know the kind of pictures those were, but she said he was not happy." He was quoted by a local media house.

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