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Thursday, 20 September 2018

What DNA confirming Obado as father of Sharon otieno unborn baby means to The Sharon murder case

Detectives and government scientists have finally confirmed, to the highest degree known to science, that the baby boy ripped from Ms Sharon Otieno’s womb was Okoth Obado’s, thus putting the Migori governor at the heart of investigations into the abduction and killing of the university student.
The foetus died after the mother was stabbed eight times while seven months pregnant. A postmortem report indicated that the fatal blow to the baby was a single knife stab through Ms Sharon's abdomen.
Police sources said the governor is now a person of interest in the investigation and will have to record another statement in Nairobi, alongside his wife Hellen. Mr Obado last week recorded a statement in Kisumu.
Earlier, detectives investigating the gruesome murder of the 26-year-old Rongo University student had indicated that the governor's wife was a person of interest after suspects named her close associates in the horrendous scheme.
SOURCE: Daily Nation

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