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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Warning message Sharon had sent to obado son two days before she met her brutal death

The Sharon story keeps Developing everyday day.
According to the standard, the killers has planned to poison her , The report goes on to say that the plan to poison Sharon was hatched by close family members of Sharon after they found out that she might have been dating both Governor obado and his son Dan toto.

But Migori Governor lawyer has refuted the claims that Sharon was playing both the Governor and his son.
Cliff ombeta said that Sharon was in a relationship with the Governor alone.
He went ahead to reveal a text Sharon sent to the Governor son two days before she was brutally murdered.
Here is cliff ombeta statement to the standard
“In fact, a few days before she met her death, Sharon had texted Obado’s son beseeching him to respect her as his mother now that she was carrying his father’s child,” said Ombeta.

We do not know what angered Sharon to send such message to the Governors son.
Maybe she made advances to her and her reply was no because she was carrying the Governors child.
Or she wanted to end the affair they had because she was now pregnant.
We will never know because Sharon is dead and dead people tell no tales.
We can only speculate.

Photo:Sharon Facebook.

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