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Monday, 10 September 2018

This is what happened to a guy who wore Kitaeleweka T-shirt To Ruto function in central kenya

This is what nyeri town mp Ngunjiri wambugu shared with us.
"This morning I get a call. Apparently a guy called Albert Nderitu from Mukurweini showed up at the Fundraising where Ruto was chief guest wearing a ‘Kieleweke/Big4First’ t-shirt. DP Ruto’s ‘hawk-eyed’ security detail spotted him in the crowd & ordered the local OCPD to arrest him. He was taken to Mukurweini Police Station & spent the night. This morning he’s been asked for a 50k cash bond. The charge; ‘causing disturbance’. (???) *Tshirt looks like what’s below."

Apparently according to nyeri town mp the only crime by the guy was wearing a shirt written kieleweke.
Kieleweke is a famous Kikuyu phrase to mean they won't support William Ruto come 2022.

We cannot confirm if the allegations by the nyeri town mp are true but we will wait for official communication from Ruto team ajd keep you updated.
Ngunjiri wambugu is one of the fiercest critic of William Ruto style of leadership.

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