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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The link between obado wife and Sharon murder as She is summoned by Detectives

Sharon obado murder is heading to two weeks now and real killers have not been found.
Sharon death shocked kenyans and police are now looking if hellen obado, the Migori first Lady is summoned by sleuths to be grilled.
Detectives will grill hellen obado today after a development which happened yesterday.
Yesterday, Detectives arrested the driver of the car church took Sharon to the forest where she  was found death. the car with number plate KCL 481k that took Sharon to her death site belonged to obado wife aide.
This latest development has placed okoth Obado wife in the center of the murder and police will be looking if she is the one who ordered for the brutal murder of Sharon.
She will be grilled today anytime from now.

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