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Friday, 7 September 2018

The last amount Sharon was given by Governor obado which she complained was too little according to nation journalist Barrack Odour

Barrack Odour has revealed that Governor okoth obado used to finance the lavish lifestyle of Sharon otieno.
Sharon was the Governor side chick and she was carrying the pregnancy of the Governor.
According to recordings Odour revealed the Governor was begging Sharon to abort the baby but she was not interested in aborting, she wanted to keep a child she referred to as mtoto wa county.
Barrack Odour revealed that Sharon had informed her that the Governor was not supporting her financially, but she gave her 100,000 in their last meeting.
Odour wondered why Sharon was claiming that the Governor was not supporting her yet she had given her 100,000?
That's when Sharon revealed crying that the Governor used to give her lots of money.
"Even when I say am sick, he could send me 200,000 to 300,000. That 100,000 is the least money I have ever received from him, it's like pocket change" Sharon revealed.

Investigations are still ongoing on the Sharon case and we will keep you updated.

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