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Monday, 17 September 2018

The business which Is done with the dead babies in pumwani hospital revealed

Today Governor Sonko unearthed a major scandal in pumwani hospital.
The Governor found 12 dead babies hidden in a section of the hospital.
The management had earlier said that only one baby died yesterday.
An Inside privy to the Daily activities In the hospital send us the Following message.
"Those dead babies ara brought from outside so as to be used in the switching of the dead with the life ones which are then sold. The mothers are told, "mtoto wako alikufa" then you are shown the dead one as prove."

Mothers also reported losing babies in the hospital.
A mother shared her story with us how she lost two children in the Hospital.
She said that she visited the hospital twice and in those two visits he lost two babies.

This is what rose onyuka
"In 1995 may ,I lost a baby girl at pumwani,I was never shown the body,in 1996 I lost another baby at pumwani was not shown the body all these happened after cs,I have one surviving child ,this one I got at knh,God bless knh ."

Another persistent issued this statement about the issue.
Pinkett said.
"To give birth is a matter of life and death. ...u can imagine the pain that comes with the whole process. .only for ur to be replaced with a dead one? ? and u still pay the bills plus of burrying. ..a baby whose not urs. .? ? the mother suffer depression this in other words is torture to women. "

We just hope the proper government agencies investigate this issue.

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