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Friday, 14 September 2018

The biggest lie Sharon Told Governor Obado while dating

The story of Sharon otieno, The slain Rongo university student is developing everyday.
Sharon was brutally murdered about a weeks ago and the story keeps shocking kenyans everyday as kenyans seek answers.
Governor okoth obado revealed to detectives that he met Sharon about 6 months ago.
It was Sharon who pestered the Governor for a meeting, After meeting in intercontinental hotel in Nairobi, they immediately kicked off their relationship.
Sharon otieno would later tell the Governor that she was pregnant with his baby.
It wasn't long after that the Governor wife discovered about their illicit relationship.
The Governor opened up to his family about the affair and sought forgiveness from them.
It was then that the Governor also discovered that Sharon had three other children.
Sharon had lied to the Governor that she was never married and she has no children.
After learning this the Governor blocked Sharon calls and SMS and this infuriated her leading her to contact Barrack Odour through Lawrence A former MCA before they were kidnapped and she was brutally murdered.

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