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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Revealed:Last official communication between Obado and Sharon, He was planning to buy her a mansion House and here is why they disagreed

Governor okoth obado yesterday distanced himself from the Sharon murder case.
Okoth obado did not mention the type of relationship he had with the slain Student but admitted knowing her.
Okoth obado in a press briefing ,said that the he hopes that police finalizes the murder case and the real killers are brought to book as soon as possible.

It is understood according to reports by daily nation that she had a discussion with abado,About Him buying her a plot and building her a house.
It is understood that Sharon wanted the plot to be in Nairobi especially Lavingtone area.
But okoth obado was opposed to the idea and wanted to build her a house in Migori county or a nearby county.
Obado cited that the price of land in Nairobi is very high.
This development angered sharon and she shared the chats with okoth obado wife.
She shared the chats specifically where okoth obado wanted to buy her a house ,Maybe to make her jealous or announce that she will be second wife soon.

On another leaked chat Sharon was telling her friend that okoth was planning to buy her a house worth 20 million and give her multi million tenders from county government.
She bragged that she will give birth to county baby soon.

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