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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Powerful Meru council of Elders, Njuri Ncheke endorse Gideon Moi for president

Ruto 2022 chances for presidency were dealt a huge blow, after meru council of elders endorsed his main political rival Gideon Moi.

Gideon Moi has been busy strategizing for the 2022 race and has been holding talks with both leaders from government and opposition.

The elders met with Gideon Moi in Lee Njuri home , Lee Njuri is head of former president Moi press service.
Led by their supreme council chairman James Merianga, Njuri Ncheke members welcomed the Baringo Senator to Mount Kenya region and promised to support him.
“As a council, we cannot forget how Mzee Moi was generous to our community and that is why we decided to pass by in our tour of the Rift Valley. We also needed to assure him of our support should he require it,"  Mr Merianga was quoted by daily nation.

Gideon Moi on his part thanked the elders and Meru community for always supporting his father when he was in power.
He noted that the friendship between his father Moi and the community will continue through him.
He noted the role elders play in the country and promised to build a good working relationship with them, since they are the opinion makers in the meru region.

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