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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Only God Knows: Here is how Sharon otieno was tortured before brutal murder

Yesterday news of a rongo university student murdered shocked kenyans.
Sharon otieno badly mutilated body was found in a forest ticket.

Detail surrounding her mysteries death shocked kenyans and investigations are ongoing and culprits will be put to book soon according to his chief kinoti.

But the torture she underwent, you will not wish even your worst enemy.
Sharon Otieno Might have been holding information which could have ruined a big man political career owing, to the torture method they used before killing her.
They started first by burning her right thigh, this maybe to force her to disclose the information she Is holding.Burning her while she was still alive seems just to inhumane.
They then went ahead and started cutting her fingers, her father revealed that she had deep cuts in her fingers when she was found and burns on her right thing.
Lastly, it seems Sharon could not delve into the information that wanted from her, they stabbed her severally and dumped her body into the forest.
While from this information it seems Sharon death was not about pregnancy, she might be holding a secret which she took it to the grave, which that powerful person does not want out there.

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