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Friday, 21 September 2018

Nairobian: Details about Governor Okoth obado Illicit love affair with Wife Sister

Governor okoth obado love life seems to be getting interesting as each day pass.
After the much hyped Sharon murder new details about the Governors infidelity has been revealed by the Nairobian, A popular Nairobi news paper.
According to the news paper okoth obado had an affair with obado wife real blood sister.
The secret affair involved obado and hellen obado sister by the name Rhoda odie nyakwaka.
She is okoth Obado wife step Sister , They have same father but different mothers.
Hellen obado father inherited Rhoda mother and through the Rhoda was born.
It is understood that okoth obado Appointed Rhoda for a job in Migori county government and even build her a house.
When obado wife learnt about the affair she went bonkers and depressed.
She became very mad according to reports.
A member of kadika clan where hellen Comes from confided that the affair started since okoth obado first Term in office.
Okoth obado also impregnated Rhoda according to the informant but procured abortion when she was 5 months pregnant.
With all this information, it seems okoth obado love life is no longer a secret.

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