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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Monica kimani Rise from Extreme poverty to Riches: Details of her sponsor emerges

Slain woman 28 yrs old Monica Nyawira kimani born on 10th Oct 1990 in Gilgil/Naivasha Nakuru county, an education dwarf of just a certificate in international relations from Kenya polytechnic is the proud owner of an apartment in kilimani costing 50 million, she bought a plot in Ruai for his brother, owned 3 cars, bought a Subaru impreza of over 3m to her mother and was planning to buy a Toyota V8 for her fathers birthday????? You talk of William Ruto a hustler becoming a billionaire, Nyawira is more than.
But how did she manage all this yet she runs a small shop in South Sudan?
People have  disputed stories that she had a rich fiancee by the name Yasir.
Yasir did not show up at her funeral raising alot of questions about the story.
Confirmed reports indicates that Nyawira was a girlfriend of this South Sudanese ex-warlord Daniel Awet Akot, a man who was uglier and older than his father and on top of that he used to launder cash for him. He was actually the supreme blesser. His father who is a pastor knew but lied that his daughter was managing "family businesses" in South Sudan.
Daniel Awet Akot is currently the South Sudan deputy speaker and has been heavily linked to the woman by popular blog kahawa tungu which is run by popular blogger Robert alai.
It is understood that you cannot make it in South Sudan without A blesser or a sponsor if you are a woman.
And carrying large amounts of money across border the way Monica kimani did would also require you knowing a person who is highly powerful and known.

Daniel Awet Akot:/courtesy

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