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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Logic: What Ruto will do with 1400 goats he bought with 10 million cash

Kenyans yesterday were shocked when Ruto carried 10 million cash to goat auction 
He bought 700 goats estimated at 5 million.
Here is what he is likely to do with the goats according to an online jubilee activist.

HE bought 700 goats at a cost of 5m. That means each goat costs 7142 Ksh. Most luxurious 5 star hotels he owns in big cities, a Kg of meat goes for about 1000-1500. Let's work with 1200 a Kg per goat.
On average, these goats range between 12 to 18 kgs per goat. Working with realistic estimates of 15 Kg per goat, the genius makes. 15 x 1200 = 18,000 per goat, minus the system, skin and the head.
A goat skin goes for 100, head and the system 250Ksh. That caters for transport and other costs.
If you do your maths, 18, 000-7142 = 10,858 profit per goat. 700x 10858= 7,600, 600. That is profit alone my fren. He also bought for his boss the other 700 goats.

Then an average Kenyan will still shout Ruto is a thief. They want Ruto to depend solely on his 2.3million salary?This is the kind of ideas that has kept us poor.

From the 5 million he used Ruto will make an extra 3-5 million profit.

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