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Friday, 28 September 2018

List of properties owned by Late Super rich Monica kimani

Late monica kimani Was laid to rest today .
It has emerged that monica was very rich according to reports that we have .
She owned several properties in Nairobi most which she bought this year.
Her business deals must have gone well this year as she bought her mother a Subaru Forester and was planning to buy her father a landcruiser V8.
According to the standard,Her father, Reverend Paul Ngarama spoke of how Monica had bought houses in Ruaka and Imara Daima in Nairobi.
In addition to these houses, Monica is said to have also purchased parcels of land in Joska along Kangundo Road.
Monica before the time of her death was taking care of their family business: Millipaul General Trading, an establishment named after their parents.
She also owned several top vehicles including range rover sports and toyata prodo.

All this properties according to those who knew her were bought this year.
Her business might be thriving very well or she is undertaking illegal activities.

Monica was buried today at her rural Gilgil home as her main murder suspect is being held for 10 days as police finalizes investigations.
The woman was only 28 years old and was doing very well financially.

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