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Saturday, 29 September 2018

List of 6 items Found in Jacque maribe house that Made detectives detain her, Here is the amount of money recovered

Jacque maribe is spending the night at police cells after she attempted to conceal murder.
Maribe Is spending the night at gigiri police cells after sleuths found this items in her house.
1.Live bullet-A used live bullet was found in her house which made detectives look for the gun.The gun was found inside her bed
2.Gun- the gun used to shoot jowie was also recovered.
The owner of the gun has since been arrested.The detectives  arrested Brian Kasaine, a man believed to be the owner of a gun found in Irungu's possession.

3.The money stolen at Monica apartment was found in Jacque maribe house.
The money in US dollars amounted to about 6 million kenyan shillings.

4.Hair , clothes and wigs found in her car are also a matter of interest.
Detectives will try to establish if Jacque was involved in planning and executing the murder.

5.burnt clothes were also found at the back of the house in langata.Owner of the gun is one brian kasaine.the gun which inflicted wounds on jowie

6.A missing new dress which Monica kimani was to wear is omong those burned.A detective who knows about the case had revealed

Jacque maribe will be arraigned in court on Monday to face murder charges or Assisting in murder.

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