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Friday, 28 September 2018

jowie irungu used to live in super Rich Monica kimani apartment when she was not in the country, Maribe had kicked him out of her house

Fresh details have emerged about the Monica kimani murder.
Jowie irungu seems to have been in a intimate relationship with the slain woman.
Reports reaching us Indicate that jowie who was homeless spent most of his time in Monica kimani apartment when she was away in South Sudan.
Monica kimani was running a family business in South Sudan.
Monica was leaving a lavish lifestyle which attracted Jowie irungu to her.
Jowie irungu is understood to be dating super rich women only and that's why he proposed to Jacque maribe.
According to one of jowie friends, Jowie irungu separated with Jacque maribe few months ago.
After he was kicked out of Jacque maribe house, he spent most of his time in Monica kimani apartment.
Here is what the friend told a local daily
“Life for Jowie has not been a walk in the park and when he realised that things went south, he developed a habit of dating single ladies but as you know a woman will only be patient up to a certain point. He was recently kicked out of his latest girlfriend (Jackie Maribe’s) house following some irreconcilable differences,” he said.

It has emerged that Monica and jowie had an intimate relationship and we will keep you updated on the reason why he might have killed her.
He was playing both Jacque maribe and Monica kimani at the same time according to one of the popular blog kahawa tungu.

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