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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Jacque maribe Biography: First husband photos,Baby photos, Education, profile, Salary and Jowie kuria

Jacque maribe has been in the public limelight of the popular city business woman Monica kimani.
Maribe fiancee is the main suspect.

Maribe CV and education
Maribe went to state House girls in Nairobi before proceeding to Nairobi University to study journalism.

Senior political analyst and preaenter at citizen tv and royal media services.

December 2011-october 2012-senior political reporter at kiss tv of Radio Africa groups .

2009-2011- senior political reporter at citizen tv.

Jacque maribe lovers
Erick omondi
Back in 2012 maribe and Erick omondi were an item
Erick omondi was even romoured to be Maribe baby But the two  vehimently denied the romours.

Maribe and Dennis ITUMBI were romoured to be an item.
The tow dated until last year when maribe met jowie a bad boy.
Maribe immediately dumped Dennis ITUMBI after meeting jowie .

Maribe and Oliver mathegi
Maribe dated Oliver mathengi a reporter at star newspaper.
She  was however dumped by Oliver after he realised that she was cheating him.

Jacque maribe is currently engaged to Joseph irungu popularly known as jowie.
The two caught engaged in June.
Jowie is currently the main murder suspect in the murder of city business woman Monica kimani.

Criminal records
Jacque maribe was arrested on 29 September 2018, she will spend the weekend in jail as police will charge her on Monday.

Jacque maribe salary
She is being paid a 6 figure salary.
She earns between 600,000-800,000

Jacque maribe child
She has a son zahari , born on 14 may 2014
The son is romoured to be Erick omondi child because they were dating around that time

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