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Sunday, 9 September 2018

In consistency in Barack Odour story:He called his wife immediately after jumping in 100km/hr vehicle

The Sharon otieno story has taken a new twist. The only witness on the case barack Odour story is very inconsistent and detectives might be forced to question him more.
Self proclaimed national resistance movement leader has questioned barrack Odour story, Miguna Miguna had said that the story by barrack Odour does not make any sense at all.
Here is what he shared.
"If Barrack Oduor, a small man, was "sandwiched" between two men in a four-wheeler, one of the men would have fallen out with him as he "jumped." Did the "men" shoot at him? Why not? More significantly, where was Sharon Otieno in the vehicle? We need the TRUTH. Not lies.
The questions are: Why did Barrack Oduor lie about how and where he sustained his minor injuries which are not consistent with "jumping out of a vehicle going at 100 Kms per hour?" Who is he protecting and why? We cannot seek justice for Sharon Otieno by concealing the truth."

Detectives are also questioning barrack Odour story since when stories went around that a media personality had been kidnapped, he immediately contacted his wife to inform her that he was okey.
The injuries he sustained after jumping from a past moving vehicle are also being questioned, how he managed to jump after being sandwiched between two heavily armed kidnappers still baffles everyone.
Barrack Odour in his story also claimed that the kidnappers were armed with pistols, but the fact that Sharon body had no bullet wounds but 6 knife stabs raises a lot of questions.

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