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Friday, 14 September 2018

Fresh Details:Why okoth Obado Wants barrack Odour investigated as pictures of barrack Odour and Okoth obado wife emerge online

Barrack Odour is one of the key individual of interest in Sharon otieno murder case.
Sharon otieno was brutally murdered and barrack Odour was the last person to see her alive.
According to investigators they are looking closely at barrack Odour story and how he managed to jump at a vehicle moving at 100 km/hr.

According to information In the standard, John mbadi called him saying that there is a journalist by the name Barrack Odour who has a story about him.

The Governor called Oduor and the two agreed to meet in Migori. The journalist then met Obado about three days later in the company of Lawrence Mula, a former MCA.
Barrack Odour informed him that he has a story about him but does not want to publish, all he wants is for him to sought out issues Sharon otieno, the slain student.

The Governor recalled that just a few days before the abduction and eventual murder of Sharon, he had received a text from journalist Oduor cautioning him that the matter was getting out of hand and he needed to act immediately.
Odour warned the Governor not to blame him If anything happens to Sharon.
After that message things happened first, The next thing the Governor heard was the kidnapping of Sharon and barrack Odour and arrest of his p.A Michael oyamo.
Later Sharon was found death.

Barrack Odour and Migori first Lady Helen obado in past function/courtesy

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