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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Fresh Details emerge in Sharon Love story:Her husband sponsored her university education before she left him for Governor

Sharon Otieno was married to BERNARD OGUTA of Mogori county, Ringo sub county, Uriri clan in Kamagambo Kamwango in Awendo with two Children.The young couple was leading a happy life as the husband Bernard Ogutu was a high school teacher, he decided to take his wife to school
Her husband sponsored her to pursue Diploma in Medical Records and Information at Rongo University.

While at rongo university Sharon joined politics and was an active member in the Migori county politics.Thats how they met with Governor okoth.

Gov Obado, Met her when She accompanied other students for campaigns  before the 2017 Elections. It was then when contacts were exchanged and dating began.According to information provided by barrack Odour, Sharon could accompany the Governor to foreign trips and she was known very well among the Governors inner circle as the Governors mistress, She lived a lavish lifestyle after that and forgot about her husband who sponsored her to school.She left her husband for the Governor and in a matter of time she became pregnant.

According to the nation journalist Barrack Odour, the governor left her after she refused to abort and also after he found text messages between her had his son In her phone.She accused her of cheating in him with his own son.

Michael Oyamo, the Gov PA was too close to Sharon as well. He used to pick and drop her at luxurious hotels to meet the Governor. Michael oyamo is now on police custody after he became the last person to be seen with Sharon before her brutal murder .

Alexander III of Macedon Inherited a small Macedonian Kingdom and made it the greatest Greek Empire. He had much to prove to his nation and to his people. One of the first time he proved this was when he tamed a wild horse which was said to be too wild & it was later named the Alexander's warhorse.
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also
It is what you treasure most that your heart will beat for.
What do you really treasure in your heart? Guard your heart carefully. Do not chase money, chase value. If you chase money you will pierce your heart with many griefs.
Your life is not going to be measured by what you have acquired. Acquire what you need to fulfil your purpose on earth.
RIP Angel Sharon Otieno.

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