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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Fresh details about steamy Relationship between Sharon otieno and Governor sponsor, She left husband and three children for Governor

Today morning kenyans work up about the death of a Second year university student murdered.
Apparently she was abducted after she was found giving a juicy and explosive story about her relationship with the Governor, She was exposing how the Governor impregnated her and left her to NTV journalist Odour, Odour managed to jump out of the fast moving vehicle.

According to Twitter user @Asamoh_ , Sharon Otieno was married with 3 kids. When she got into an affair with Governor Okoth Obado , her relationship with hubby ( high school teacher ) was rocky. Husband wanted to pay dowry. Sharon refused and said she would be married by the Governor. Today she is no more.

She left her husband who was a High School teacher for The governor, Just because of money,Apparently she was being promised marriage only to be left when she became pregnant.

She was has abducted few days ago and murdered yet she was 7 months pregnant

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