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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Details about Aisha Jumwa husband

Hon Aisha Jumwa Katana is the first women leader in Kilifi county. She is the first women representative in the county after the enaction of the new constitution in 2010. She used to stay in Takaungu, in Shariani Location in Kilifi North constituency led by Hon. Gideon Maitha Mung'aro. She got Married to a guy in Takaungu who was a fisherman at Takaungu fisheries society.  He was also  and elder in the community around and leader of the fisheries society. The women representative who was born in the 1970s is among the well-known women leaders in the county for her touch stands. She later broke up with her Husband after the elections as she was now a women representative in the county and her husband was just a mere fisherman.

 The Women representative also moved to Malindi at Kakuyuni where she built a flashy home and left Takaungu. The main reason why she left Shariani is known to her but many critics say that she went to Malindi to reside because of the next year's general elections. The next years elections the women representative wants to vie for the Malindi constituency member of parliament seat and compete with Hon. William Baraka Mtengo who is the current M.P in Malindi.

She has been seen in most areas of Malindi participating in several projects which build women and youth from poor backgrounds. The most targeted youths are the orphans. The target women on the side are the widow. She is a tough woman and beautiful in nature where most of the wealthy people keep on salivating when they are in seminars and in meetings. Some projects that were launched in Malindi by the county were spearheaded by her from the county government. She donated shades to the Malindi market, assisted in building schools in Malindi like Sosobora secondary school, Maweni primary, Ganda primary and secondary and much more.

Other areas she really assisted in giving out advice are in the women Chamas and Saccos. The major community group that she contributed mostly is the Mweria group which comprises of thousands of women across Malindi constituency. She is a colorful woman of this century and deserves the best from the people of that area.

Hon. Aisha Jumwa is one of the women leaders who will leave a mark in the county for giving out her loyal life in serving the people of the county. She left a husband who is a mere fisherman and surprised him with a big motor boat for fishing and transformed him to a modern fisherman. The man will not forget her for the dump and transformation as she carried away their three children. The beautiful and young women representative who makes more salivate and wish to have her will be a good chance. She even once dated the Kilifi county governor Amason Jefwa Kingi as their opponents in the county say.

She finally won the Malindi seat and is now representing them in parliament

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