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Monday, 10 September 2018

DCI names Key suspects in Sharon otieno cold case:Here is how A Powerful God father has been linked to hit men

DCI had promised to close the Sharon otieno case within three days, Almost week has now passed and the case is still cold.
What we know so far is this three linking theory Linking a Powerful God father to hit men.
Here is what we know so far
A well organized gang headed by a godfather.
1. Godfather hatched the plan.
2. An agent with direct link to the godfather was used as intermediary.
3 Agent already in custody is well connected to the hitmen who actually executed the gruesome murder.
4. Evidence is watertight, and will need more time to facilitate the arrest of the God father .

Kinoti maintained that the case will need time to ensure that those who were not involved are not unfairly prosecuted.
"This is an organised criminal ring that requires careful investigation and arrest so that we do not detain the wrong person, and also so that those we arrest do not jeopardise the arrests of others,” he noted.

“The probe is bringing in more and more suspects as the days go by. Even those involved in the remotest way possible are as guilty as the person who actually stabbed Ms Otieno to death,”He added

Kinoti noted that they will arrest more suspects soon as the case continues to unfold.
The Sharon case continues to baffle kenyans as they continue to seek answers on who the real culprits are .

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