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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Damning evidence against Jacque maribe which forced police To detain her until Monday

Jacque maribe was arrested today in DCI headquarters in kiambu, after she went there to record statement about Monica kimani murder.
Jacque maribe was taken to gigiri police station And will be arraigned in court on Monday.
So what made police detain her?
Police had released that Jacque maribe had been lying to them after they questioned Jowie her boyfriend,Her maid and Her neighbors.
The claim by Jacque that her boyfriend was shot outside her gate and then she rushed him to hospital is an outright lie, Investigators realised that Jacque maribe story and jowie we're not collaborating with her maid story and that of the neighbors.
Jacque might be trying to protect her boyfriend, She might be saying what jowie irungu told her to say and not what actually happened.

Jacque maribe helped her boyfriend to hide a gun also.Early during the investigation Jacque had claimed that she saw her boyfriend with a gun once after live bullet was found in her bed.
It has emerged that jowie and Jacque tried to hide the gun and police have recovered it inside her house, It was hidden.other items including the money stolen from the deceased Monica kimani were found in her house and also in a neighbors house
“We will not provide you with more details for now, but what I can tell you is that the maid and neighbour are very helpful in this investigation. There is a breakthrough because we have the gun and some of the items including some money believed to have been taken from the deceased woman,” another detective said, speaking to us in confidence not to jeopardize the case told a local daily.

burnt clothes were also found at the back of the house in langata.Owner of the gun is one brian kasaine.the gun which inflicted wounds on jowie

Jacque maribe is facing a serious charges including collaborating with a murder suspect which carries life sentence if convicted.

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