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Friday, 14 September 2018

Breaking: Uhuru Kenyatta reduce fuel prices, Here are new diesel and petrol retail price

Uhuru Kenyatta has heard the cries of kenyans And had reduced the vat from 16% to 8%.
This means that the price of petrol and diesel will reduce by about 50% from the current Retail price.
After this directive Petrol will retail at 118 from 127.
While diesel will retail at 107 from 115.

Uhuru Kenyatta has sent the proposals to PARLIAMENT and parliament will sit a special sitting on Tuesday and Thursday to debate the  bill.
If parliament accepts the proposals the cost of fuel products will reduce by 50%.

Uhuru Kenyatta proposal comes after public outcry.
More details to follow.


  1. This China is getting into our veins I strongly oppose China invading Africa we are past colonialism

  2. It high time that our forefathers were taken to the fore front to fight against this vice of this goons taking everything in charge thinking that that is superiority ,wait and see somebody somewhere must get it rough