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Thursday, 27 September 2018

6 lies maribe told which made police issue warrant of arrest against her

Jacque Maribe is now one of the major suspects in Monica kimani, The 28 year old women found murdered in her house In kilimani area Nairobi .
Jacque Maribe Boyfriend is currently In custody and warrant of arrest issued against Maribe who today appeared in the criminal investigation department with her lawyer.
Here are the lies told by Maribe to try to cover for her boyfriend which made police question her as person of interest.
1.Her car a Toyota alion was spotted at the scene of crime the night Monica was murdered.This makes her a person of interest in the murder case.

2.She claimed she was drinking at the night of the murder and that her boyfriend came picked her and dropped her in her apartment.The fact that her boyfriend phone was located at Monica's apartment the night she was murdered complicates the matter as it is also around the time Jacque Maribe claimed her boyfriend picked her in the club to take her home.

3.She claimed that her boyfriend was shot inside the house and later changed it to be outside the house, This contradiction clearly shows that she knows something.

4.She drove her boyfriend to kijabe hospital, an hospital 65km away from where she lives.This raised suspicions she could have drove to langata hospital which was few metres away.

5. The story of her boyfriend being shot does not make any sense at all.
No spent cartridges were found at scene of shooting and neighbors and watchmen did not hear any gunshots.

6. live bullet was found in her bed but no pistol.Police will be looking question her about this issue.

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