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Friday, 31 August 2018

Why Noordin Harji might be forced to arrest his own father

Noordin Harji father is currently the Garissa Senator.
Noordin Harji has been known as a top crime fighter and in less than 1 year in office he has managed to arrest top and senior government officials over corruption charges.

Led by ODM communication leader philp atale, leaders have called for the prosecution and arrest of Garissa Senator Yusuf Harji.
The leaders want the senator arrested and prosecuted over Mombasa's Majaoni Settlement Scheme which the former provincial commissioner and Internal minister is accused of illegally acquiring and selling.

The family of Kazungu Moli, through its representative, Harry Chogo, said Haji later sold the land to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a charitable and humanitarian foundation.
"The PC sold the land (Majaoni settlement scheme) for Sh4.8 million when residents were living on it," claimed Chogo, as his father Kazungu Moli, 85 keenly listened during an inquest on Tuesday at the Kenya School of Government.

It will be interesting to see if noordin Harji will look at the case and possibly arrest and prosecute his own father.

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