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Friday, 24 August 2018

Uhuru Kenyatta locks up his nephew Jomo over 100 million corruption

Jomo Gecaga who is Uhuru Kenyatta nephew was detained for 3 days over corruption scandal , according to media reports.
It's understood jomo Gecaga confessed to Uhuru Kenyatta that he had indeed participated in a corruption scandal, and had used his name to obtain 100 million shillings.
asked where the money is?he said he had spent it all forcing him to be locked up for three days.
In news article in Kenya today Jomo Gecaga is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew and official PA. He used Uhuru’s name to obtain Kshs. 100 million from a businessman to facilitate state house tender awards. When Uhuru got wind he ordered the arrest of his nephew. The dude spent 3days and 2 nights in state house cells u.ntil the amount was refunded in full. That’s the new Uhuru for you.
Uhuru Kenyatta is now more serious with his job and wants to leave a long lasting legacy.

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